About Ashelia

Welcome to Ashelia.com! I’ve owned a lot of websites, such as Hellmode or my photography portfolio. When I was finally able to get my online namesake in .com form, I jumped on it. I have no idea what will go here, but maybe it will be interesting.


About Ashelia

I’m twenty-five years old. I currently work as the site director for Wowhead and LolKing. I pretty much love my job. I mean, I get to work with talented people every day who love MMORPGs and video games–what else could I ask for? Prior to joining ZAM team, I was a senior community manager for ISOTX for three years.

My two main passions in life are video games and photography. On the camera side, I own a Canon EOS 7D (portfolio here). As for video games, right now my favorite video game is probably League of Legends, but I play pretty much everything. From Left 4 Dead 2 to Skyrim, I’ve probably played it and loved it.

Video games, man. So good.

The Layout

The layout is a modified version of Rockwell. The background is fabulous League of Legends artwork.

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