Birthday imminent

by Ashelia. 2 Comments

So this year, I linked my Amazon wishlist on Twitter–I usually share it with family a week before the event, but I decided to share it in case anyone had wanted to get me something for November 19th.

The response was really overwhelming. People got me everything from nail polish to badass pink keyboard. It was also ¬†humbling and awkward for me. I’m a pretty private person. I would never post for donations, even if I gave services that merited them or super duper needed them (I don’t). It’s just the kind of person I am; I don’t look down on those who do whatsoever, I just feel too self-conscious to do so.

Anyway, since some people remained anonymous, I figured this blog post was the best way to say thank you. Seriously, thank you–to anyone who got me something, wanted to, or is planning to. I got a bunch of packages in the mail today and it was so exciting, I had no idea it’d make me this happy.

Honestly, my birthday is usually a quiet event. I plan surprise parties for friends, I go out of my way to get the perfect present for boyfriends, and I even organize weird surprise Twitter cupcakes for acquaintances. But when the tables are turned, I dodge my birthday. I often don’t tell anyone when it’s my birthday, even my closest friends don’t get any warning because I don’t want to burden people. I haven’t had a party for it in years.¬†

Suffice to say it meant and it means a lot. It was also an important life lesson that I have little to lose and a lot to gain by letting people be nice to me.


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  1. Kofi says:

    oh thats nice . In theme “My birthday” i do the same but with reason that i just dont like the “boom” around it . most of people would never guess when i have BD but true friend does. 2nd thing i kinda dont like is that why would they lavish you with gifts on your BD and not other day ? I am happier for gifts given other days than my BD . its something that says yes i like you and this is why i want to make you happy not that “you know, its yours BD so here take my like”

    hope you will understand this since i sucks at written english

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