And if it will be, it will be with you

by Ashelia. 1 Comment

I’m listening to Bloc Party’s latest album Four. It’s been an album I’ve been really hyped for over the past years. Sometimes I pick up bands from ex-boyfriends, sometimes I pick them up from friends, and sometimes I discover them. I discovered Bloc Party and I loved everything about them and they’re going to always have a special place in my heart.

So yeah, Four is a disappointing album. It’s mostly about a break-up. It’s hard to tell if it’s the band’s eventual break-up, falling back into love with the music, or if it’s between a girl and a boy. It’s sad with an underlying current of hope in nearly every song; some of the songs are about falling in love, some of them are about falling out of love. The lyrics are actually pretty good, some of their best.

Almost every song sucks, though, from a sound perspective. The sound is harsher and lazier, they’re devolving from their Silent Alarm days; they’re a lot less fluid, a lot more rushed, and a lot less consistent. Rushed can be okay sometimes; I mean, Intimacy was rushed, but it was truly beautiful barring a few tracks.

This CD is the opposite. It is ugly. It is a break-up. It is every feeling you have when you either bring someone into your heart or cut them out.

Here are the only songs worth listening to:

“Real Talk”I was so sure, I was faulty and not able to love / But then you crept up on me while I was dreaming
“V.A.L.I.S.”I can hear, I can hear him from my future / Show, show, show show me you gotta show me the way
“Truth”So I am yours now respectfully / I am yours now truthfully
“Mean (bonus)”Sometimes when you are sleep I get the strangest feeling / Of all the things I could do whilst you lay

These four songs are really good. Some of Bloc Party’s best. It’s just a shame the rest of the album falls short.

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  1. Jerico Fitzpatrick says:

    It would seem that good music is hard to come by these days. Don’t anyone laugh at this but back in High School I used to listen to Linkin Park. I really enjoyed a lot of their music. Two of my favorites were “In the End” and “Breaking the Habit.” Some of their new work hasn’t interested me much.

    A friend of mine let me listen to a few songs from (again don’t laugh) a Christian rock band called Skillet. This band has amazing music! I was honestly surprised. I listen to like ten of the same songs daily.

    I often ask my mom what she thinks of the newer aged music. She tells me it blows her mind (in a bad way). She enjoys music from Abba, Shania Twain, Johnny Cash, The Turtles, and many other bands I don’t even know about lol.

    Thinking about how often music changes, I wonder what the future will listen to?

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