Terminal patients to the front of the queue

Usually when I go back and play a game from my childhood, it’s nothing like I remembered. The vast forests of The Legend of Zelda and the hordes of zombies from the original Resident Evil don’t really match up to what my young mind imagined them to be.

But there’s always an exception to the rule.

In this case, it’s Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital. Theme Hospital pretty much everything I remembered when I played it at age ten in 1997, off-beat British humor included. It’s easy to play, incredibly hard to master, and very unforgiving. As a hospital director, you run a quirky hospital full of faux diseases and managerial woes. You hire nurses, doctors, receptionists, and handymen with a wide array of personality disorders and demands. You fend off VIPs from touring your hospital, fight epidemics, and handle emergencies with aplomb. You worry about machinees breaking down, researching new cures, and sweeping the tiled corridors–all the while keeping the fiscal year and its deplorable budget in your head.

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2012 - Modified Rockwell theme. Background from League of Legends and it's copyright to Riot Games.