Yoplait Plentiful Greek Meets Oatmeal Sucks

Since I had my oral surgery, I’ve been eating mostly yogurts and soups. I’ve been pretty creative with grocery shopping and I’ve been trying new things.

Well, I decided to try the new Plenti Greek Oatmeal Meets Yogurt cups. They were utterly rancid. I mean, I have never ever tasted anything as awful at this yogurt. It was an abomination. Horrible texture, slimy yogurt, and the consistency of paste with a similar taste. How this product made it past the taste test, I don’t know, but what I do know is that if you Google it there are HUNDREDS of results from mommy bloggers. Surprisingly, each one is very positive.

Unsurprisingly, each one is sponsored by Yoplait. They must have hit up thousands of mommy bloggers, offering them a pittance of a week’s coupons in exchange for their sweet little lies about their yogurt’s awful taste. They constantly explain leaves them full and comes in great packaging, clearly reading from the same PR script they were sent as suggestions for what their posts could contain.

Yoplait effectively SEO bombed their own brand using mothers and health gurus through paid sponsorships.

I probably shouldn’t be shocked. But honestly, I work in video games. I don’t know the perils of food blogging. I didn’t realize moms were all basically taken over by corporations, spamming coupons on their tiny Blogspot powered sites. Mommy blogging is apparently a quagmire of sponsored posts, censored opinions, and product placement. What a depressing corner of the web.

And what a bad yogurt experience. Truly wretched. Yoplait, your yogurt sucks, and Yoplait Plentiful is truly awful.

You don’t have to pay me for this review, either.